The 5 Things We Love Most About Summer

7 August 17
the 5 things we love most about summer feature image

Summer is a truly special time in Britain. In hotter countries like Spain, Italy or even parts of America, people might be a bit more used to the heat and the sunshine, but in Britain we still can’t get enough of it! We’re big fans of the season here at Melt, and we know you are too, so without further ado…

Here are the 5 things we love most about summer:

  1. The cheerful people
  2. The colourful clothes
  3. The delicious food
  4. The gorgeous weather
  5. The stunning scenery

So now you know – wouldn’t you like to find out why?

  1. The People: Everyone Is More Happy!

happy people

If you’ve spent even a moment outside between May and September, this won’t be news to you. Summer makes everyone more cheerful – people wave to each other on the street, casual conversations are struck up at bus and train stops, and the local parks are filled with the sounds of children’s laughter and pets thrilled to be running free.

It’s no wonder, really. We’re so used to the weather being changeable here in Britain that the sunlight and heat goes to our heads a little. But then again, it’s a great time to be spending time with friends and family, having drinks in the sunshine or picnics in the park. And there’s always the prospect of summer holidays – we’re sure that gets people excited!

  1. The Clothes: Time For A New Wardrobe!

clothes for the summer

We think we’re probably going to be speaking more to the ladies here than the guys. Summer is the time you can finally bring out that feather-light summer dress you bought back in January, and have been waiting until now to wear. In fact, you’ve probably got a whole range of beautiful dresses, open-toed sandals and other fantastic clothes that just wouldn’t be warm or suitable enough for winter. Well, now’s your moment!

Another thing to love about summer clothes is not just their feather-light touch, or the way they drape gently against your skin, but also the colours! You’ll see more bright primary colours when you’re walking down the street in summer than any other time of year. Pretty pinks, reds, blues, oranges and yellows, and more – summer is their time to shine!

  1. The Food: Barbecues And Ice Cream!

ice cream

Not together, obviously – that would rather ruin them. But separately, they’re both examples of fantastic seasonal foods that we’re just not able to appreciate in quite the same way for the rest of the year. And that’s not even counting the delicious fresh summery fruits, like strawberries, or some delightful summer cocktails from any of the local bars.

    4. and 5. The Wonderful Weather And The Entrancing Scenery

 the ribble valley

We’ve combined our last two points because they’re so closely intertwined, especially here in the heart of the beautiful Ribble Valley. Though impressive at the best of times, the natural scenery becomes absolutely astounding in this historic part of Lancashire. It’s been designated an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and working here on our little shop on the farm, we can see why!

But you can enjoy the hot weather no matter where you are. Maybe you’ve got a bench or favourite place picked out to read your book. Sometimes these places don’t look quite as attractive in the grey drizzle of winter, but in summer they become amazing places to catch a bit of peace and quiet, and perhaps enjoy a bit of me time.

Speaking of ‘me time’, at Melt our entire product range is dedicated to helping you relax with exactly that. We’ve got a broad selection of marvellous summer-themed luxury scented candles for you to delight in – or, you can pick out your own favourite from our range of candles!

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