5 easy ways to feel closer to nature

28 August 20
country walk

Throughout all the turbulence of the last few months, more and more of us have been turning to nature to provide us with some much-needed freedom from our homes, as well as some comfort in these stressful times. Feeling closer to nature can help you to feel more grounded and in control – and if you’re local to us here in the Ribble Valley, you’ve got a huge Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on your doorstep to explore!

We’re huge nature fans ourselves here at Melt, with plenty of nature-focused candles such as Eden and Forest in our range. There’s still some sunlight and warmth left in 2020 before the winter sets in, so if you’re looking for a few easy ways to connect with nature, here are some of our favourites!

Eat your lunch outside

This is something that you can easily do in work hours, which means it’s a good one to try and get yourself a bit of restful time during a hectic work day. The greener the better, but if you can’t get to anywhere that’s particularly tranquil don’t worry – the fresh air alone is often enough! For an extra layer of experience, you might want to change what you eat for your lunch too – skip out on the tempting supermarket sandwiches, and make yourself a Ploughman’s from scratch instead!

Watch a sunset

This is perhaps another one of the simplest and easiest ways to bring yourself a little closer to nature. You don’t need to buy, bring or prepare anything – just a finely honed sense of timing! It’s a good one to get to while there are still a few lighter summer weeks left in 2020, and there’s something wonderfully tranquil about the experience.

We don’t know about you, but we’ve found that each sunset can have its own distinct feel and mood. That beautiful warm light means that there can be all sorts of colours to enjoy in the sky, from pinks and blues to oranges and liquid gold. And sometimes it can even be enhanced by the odd dark cloud overhead, which can give it an interestingly dramatic feel!


Get creative

Taking a moment to slow down and appreciate your surroundings is a really important aspect of bringing yourself closer to nature. Getting creative is a great way to do that. A simple pencil and sketchbook is all you need. Pick a flower, tree, or outdoor scene, and bring it to life on the page as best you can. If you’d like, you can put notes alongside your work, describing what else you’ve sensed or experienced about the scene. Alternatively, you can convey all this with a bit of creative writing instead!

Practice mindfulness, or take yoga outdoors

If you’re a regular yoga practitioner already, taking your practice outside every once in a while can be a hugely rewarding experience, giving it a supremely peaceful feel. The same is true of mindfulness, especially when you’re doing it in open green spaces. It’s a practice that takes a bit of time to get into, but a good way to start is simply by closing your eyes, and isolating each of your senses at once. Concentrate first on what you can hear, then what you can smell, what you can feel. It’s an excellent way to slow down, and become more connected to your surroundings.

Bring the outside in

If you’re not able to get to greener spaces as often as you’d like, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of ways you can bring nature into your own home! For example, you could choose to grow your own vegetables on your windowsill, or place unassuming houseplants in various rooms. If you’re one of the many people planning to do more working from home now that the strictest lockdown measures are over, we recommend placing one by your working area. It has a subtly soothing effect which can be great for taking the edge off the stress of your working day!

And of course, you’ve got plenty to choose from when it comes to our very own luxury scented candles here at Melt. Eden and Lily of the Valley are some of our most popular scents, and of course Autumn is coming back into season. You can shop them all right here on our site, or alternatively take a trip to our little Shop on the Farm. We’re always happy to see you!