5 amazing ways to have a country Christmas at home

18 December 18
socks at christmas

Modern Christmas at times seems to be all about the glitz and glamour. Glass baubles, vibrant colour schemes, metallic trims can all look amazing, but speaking personally, here at Melt we very much prefer the traditional country sort of Christmas. We know that lots of our customers do too – and if it’s something that appeals to you, you’ll be glad to hear that you don’t need to be in the depths of the British countryside to enjoy your own! One great way to bring that rural spirit into your home is through our very own Christmas luxury scented candle… but we’ve got a few more tips for you besides!

1. Keep it simple

One of the key hallmarks of country style is that it’s simple, natural and understated. That means you don’t need ornate table dressings or gilded gold silverware to bring some country charm to your home for Christmas dinner. Instead, opt for a cotton tablecloth, preferably complemented by white or cream stoneware. You might prefer to use the posh cutlery (if you have any), as silver makes another wonderfully understated complement to your Christmas dinner table. If you don’t though, don’t worry – there’s something quite charming about sticking with your humble everyday cutlery, too. If you want to add an extra festive touch, you might want to consider tealights in little glowing jars for the dinner itself, or even a Christmas candle like our very own Nutmeg and Vetiver!

nutmeg and vetiver

2. Focus on the home-made pleasures

A country style Christmas is generally a relaxed affair; a time for enjoying handmade decorations and and homespun pleasures. Rather than glittery decorations, you might want to stick with more unobtrusive ornaments, made from wood or porcelain. (Speaking of which – if there are any young children about in your home, they might want a break from their screens occasionally with some genuinely rustic wooden toys!)

This applies to the food and drink, too. Instead of bringing in shop-bought meals and snacks, have a go at creating some home-made treats of your own! Mince pies are surprisingly easy for first-time bakers, and there’s a unique sort of pride to be had in watching people tuck in to your very own creations. Don’t worry if they don’t turn out perfect – arguably, it’s their flaws which make them even more authentic!

mince pies

3. Go for green

Green is well-known as a beautifully festive colour, and it’s got strong associations with country life, too. If you’ve got any suitable areas around your home, you can spend a weekend foraging for greenery outside (if it’s safe to do so, of course!). Then, drape it around shelves, mantlepieces and tables for a glorious woodland feel, which goes nicely with something like our Eden scented candle, too. A quick word of advice, though; be careful of any berries that you bring back to the house, as they’re not always fit for human consumption. They can make pets and children particularly ill, so make sure that they’re out of reach if you’re using them for decoration purposes!

4. Switch out your furniture for a cosier look

Rather than the plush leather or sturdy steel chairs you might normally make yourself comfortable on, you can give your living room a beautifully cosy feel by switching to wicker or timber chairs. They don’t even have to be particularly expensive. You can usually explore a wide range of choice at charity shops like the British Heart Foundation, and it’s amazing what sort of effect they can have on the feel of your space. Just remember, if you’re planning on having an authentic country-style roaring log fire, make sure to keep your wooden furniture a reasonable distance from any spitting sparks!

rocking chair

5. Use scented candles to set the mood

In many ways, scented candles are ideal for creating a country Christmas feel at home. Their soft natural light is a beautiful complement to your rural decor, and casts a festive warmth that is particularly comforting in the cold and dark of Winter. Our luxury handmade candles here at Melt are very much labours of love, and their unique scents are ideal for setting your favourite kind of atmosphere. As well as our popular Christmas candle, we find that many of our customers are also partial to Saddle and Noel, each very distinctive scents in their own right. Of course, you may well have your own favourites – why not take a quick look through our range to see what you can find? If you’re quick, you’ve still got time to pay us a visit on our little shop on the farm, where you’ll find all sorts of candles to delight your loved ones this Christmas!