4 great reasons to keep buying British

4 October 21

We don’t know about you, but we love buying British. And it seems we’re not the only ones – almost two-thirds of people in the UK have actively been shopping closer to home in the past year. Even better, 90% plan to continue doing so as we move slowly but steadily closer to the end of this pandemic.

While Covid-19 has obviously brought seismic changes for society, one of its few positive effects has been to create a heightened awareness of how they shop, and who they’re supporting by doing so. That’s been welcome news for countless small business owners here in the UK (including luxury candle makers just like us!), and the resulting shift in attitude has shone a spotlight on just how much hard work, expertise, and pure passion that British businesses pour into their products and services.

So, whatever you’re planning for your next purchase, here are just a few of our top reasons why it’s worth buying British.

1. Support our post-Covid economy

The whole world was – and is still is being – shaken by Covid in more ways than one. Now that the UK is slowly coming out the other side, the damage to our economy is clear. Even over this summer, when we’ve seen more normality than we had in over a year, the growth of our economy slowed sharply. But, there are ways we can all start to improve that and bring Britain closer to the world we knew, and it all starts with buying local.

By supporting small, British businesses, you’re helping to support artists, experts and entrepreneurs right down the street in your local area, and what’s more, ensuring that the money you spend goes into growing your local economy, helping your community in turn.


2. Better transparency, and ethical buying

In larger, international shops, you don’t always know what your money is buying. You might not know where the product is made and where the ingredients are sourced, and sometimes there’s far less transparency in general. On the other hand, British manufacturers and craftspeople often create their products according to high quality standards, which some have described as being amongst the strictest in the world. If ethical buying is important to you – and there’s growing evidence to suggest it probably is – then buying British is always worth considering first.

making candles

3. Save the planet, one purchase at a time

Most of us probably don’t think too much about the environmental impact of some of our purchases, but the unfortunate truth is that if it’s been shipped from overseas, then it it already has a tangible carbon footprint, even if it uses completely renewable ingredients. Products made right here in the UK, on the other hand, have much smaller transportation costs and carbon footprints – if they have any at all – making them automatically more environmentally friendly than buying from a large international organisation.

4. And when it comes to candles… you get better scents and better quality!

Unfortunately, mass-produced candles from large international businesses often don’t deliver on quality. And let’s be honest, why would they? They’re made with cheap materials to achieve strict profit margins, rather than purely with a focus on providing quality, value and enjoyment for buyers.

Here at Melt Candles on the other hand, quality and care are at the centre of everything we do. Our talented chandlers pour every ounce of their passion and skill into creating beautiful candles with truly mesmerising scents. We want to make candles that wow, so we’ve tried, tested, and developed until we created scents that really do fill the air!

If you’re ready to support the economy, help the planet, and find a candle scent that you can fall in love with, take a look at our range of British luxury candles at Melt. Alternatively, visit our Little Shop on the Farm to experience our scents and discover your dream fragrance. We can’t wait to see you!

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