4 Fulfilling Ways To Spend International Women’s Day

8 March 18
international women's day

We’ve still got some way to go before we achieve global gender equality, but events like International Women’s Day show that we’re making progress! That’s just part of the reason why we love the event here at Melt. There are always plenty of local activities and events to get involved in, but we understand that since it’s on a work day, you might be looking for more low-key ways to celebrate International Women’s Day. If so, we’ve got a couple of great ideas!

Our favourite ways to spend International Women’s Day are:

  1. Accomplish a personal goal
  2. Cut yourself off from the world – just for a bit!
  3. Spend the evening with a special woman in your life
  4. Treat yourself!

So – what does all that involve, exactly?

1. Accomplish A Personal Goal

Don’t act like you’ve not got one – we all have! Whether that’s personal betterment, or simply ticking a longstanding item off the to-do list, you’ll almost definitely have something you’d like to get done, and International Women’s Day is a brilliant time to do it. The more difficult it seems, the better! It could be practical – like fixing or replacing something around the house – or creative, which could include trying your hand at writing or drawing. Don’t worry if the results aren’t dazzling – it doesn’t have to be amazing, it just has to be fulfilling. That’s the thing with creativity; it takes time to get good. And what better day to empower yourself to start?

2. Go Into ‘Aeroplane Mode’

In today’s ever-connected world, it can be hard to get a bit of peace, and that goes doubly so if you’re a parent! Give yourself some recognition for your daily hard work, and allow yourself to go into recharge mode for a little bit. Relaxing by having a break from communication – including all things digital – can help you feel more relaxed, which in turn helps you feel more refreshed and energised for when you come back. (If you fancy wrapping up warm, going outside for a short stroll is a great way to do this – it’s a favourite past-time of ours here at our little shop on the farm!)

walk in the snow

3. Spend The Day With A Special Woman

Whether it’s a friend, a sibling or a parent, we probably don’t need to tell you that International Women’s Day is absolutely ideal to spend with fellow women, especially if they’re ladies who have inspired or supported you throughout your life! It doesn’t have to be anything intensive – you can just hit a coffee shop for an hour, or even invite them round for a quiet cup of tea at home. With Mother’s Day coming up this week, it can be a great opportunity to get an early treat in for your Mum, ahead of Sunday. You can never show too much appreciation!

4. Treat Yourself!

It’s a workday for most of us, but who knows – if you live round our way, it’s quite possible the snow has put paid to your plans to get into the office! Make the most of it with your comfy sofa and a brew, and maybe pop on a cheeky girl-power film! And of course, you can enhance the relaxing atmosphere in your room with one of our very own luxury scented candles. You’ve got no shortage of options to choose from, but if you want our opinion, we think you’ll love our Neroli & Rose Geranium scented candle. She’s the very essence of feminine sophistication, and a perfect companion for enjoying some quality ‘me’ time!

Don’t forget, you can always stop by our little shop to come and see the luxury scented candles we’ve got in stock. We’d always love to see you!