3 unique autumn walks you can enjoy in the Ribble Valley

29 October 20
walk in autumn

We’re big fans of the great outdoors here at Melt. When you live in the midst of beautiful scenery like the beautiful Ribble Valley, it’s difficult not to be! So when we’re not creating handmade scented candles, we love taking walks through these idyllic surroundings. If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, chances are that you’ll have already seen the fruits of some of these ventures, and it’s fair to say that we’ve had some quite interesting encounters!

(Just recently for example, we stumbled across Prickles, a lovely little hedgehog who we rescued after he didn’t have enough bodyweight to make it through the winter. He spent a little bit of time in our little shop, recuperating, before we passed him over to a local animal rescue service.)

So if you’re relatively local and a keen wanderer yourself – as we know many of our customers are – we’ve rounded up three of our favourite walks to take and see new sights in the Ribble Valley.

The Tolkien Trail

This is a great one for all you bookworms out there! J.R.R Tolkien was famously passionate about nature, and that passion is clear to see in the beautiful imagery of his books, not least of which is his world-famous Lord of the Rings series. Tolkien was reputedly heavily inspired by the very landscapes that surround us here in the Ribble Valley, and you can explore them for yourself on the Tolkien Trail!

Starting and finishing at Hurst Green in the Ribble Valley, this easy 5.5 mile journey takes you some truly stunning areas of woodland and countryside that the great man himself enjoyed. It’s a wonderful walk to enjoy if you love the beauty and simplicity of nature – definitely one for all you fans of Forest or Eden out there! And if you’re a fan of the books, you might notice some place names that seem somewhat familiar… Shire Lane and the River Shirebourn being two of the most obvious examples.

The Walking With Witches Trail

If you’re a more mysterious soul – say, if you enjoy the dark allure of our Nocturne scented candles – this could well be the one for you. Now, you don’t have to be a Lancs local to have heard of the Pendle Witches. They remain a fascinating (if slightly morbid) part of the local history and culture, which makes the Walking With Witches Trail the perfect trip to undertake if you find yourself gripped by the spookier Halloween vibe of autumn!

The trail itself runs through the picturesque villages the witches once called home, all and in the shade of Pendle Hill, looming high above. The route itself doesn’t bring you far towards its summit (colloquially known as the Big End), but if there’s a bracing wind and you feel up to it, you can take the Pendle Way and climb all the way to the top. There, you can enjoy stunning views over the rolling hills and sprawling natural scenery of the Ribble Valley.

golden leaves

The Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail

Like the others, this is a relatively short walk that’s suitable for all ages, and especially enjoyable if you’re the artsy type! The Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail is only a mile away from Clitheroe town centre, and takes you through a beautiful little nature reserve that’s managed by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

As you make your way through the walk, you’ll be able to enjoy works of art that have been lovingly sculpted by passionate artists, including from many who live in the local area. The artworks have been specifically crafted to ‘respond to the environment and its rich heritage’, which is certainly an ethos we can get on board with here at Melt!

This quirky trail was the first of its kind to be established in Lancashire, and as you make your way along it you might be able to spot some of the Ribble Valley’s captivating wildlife, such as kingfishers, herons, salmon, sandpipers, otters, and more. It’s ideal for those who love losing themselves within the scent of Dark Wood.

These are just a few of our top suggestions. If you ever find yourself stopping by our little shop on the farm, our team will always be happy to give you one or two personal recommendations too! And of course, that also extends to our wonderful range of luxury scented candles, so if you need a bit of help narrowing down the perfect one for you we’re only too happy to help. You can take a look at them right here on our site, or alternatively why not pop by in person, and see what’s on our shelves?