3 Positive Solo Activities To Enjoy With Scented Candles

2 February 18
relaxing at home

We all need a little alone time occasionally. Whether you’re getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, or you need a little peace and quiet to deal with a big development in your life, spending even just a short time on our own can help us to come back feeling happy, refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things. And in lots of cases, scented candles provide the perfect means to help you do that!

1. Relax!

comfortable relaxing at home

We’ll start with one of the more obvious options – and after all let’s be honest, it’s one that nobody needs an awful lot of encouragement for! Of course, relaxing means different things to different people. It might involve curling up on the sofa in front of the telly, or unwinding by doing something creative like writing or sketching. But that’s the great thing about luxury scented candles – you can change the mood of the room according to how you feel! A soft, fluffy scent like Blush is great for having a bit of a snuggle, while something like Joy can give you the energy to get those creative juices flowing. What’s more, the aromatherapy benefits of scented candles are great for putting you at ease after a long difficult day at work (or even if the kids are just being particularly trying!).

2. Meditate

candle meditation
If you’ve not yet tried meditating with candles, you’re missing out on something amazing! Now, it’s worth saying right off the bat – it’s not the same as yoga, which is mostly physical. Meditation with candles is about looking after the mind. As we’ve touched upon already, normal life can be loud and buzzing and busy, and the quiet, flickering light of a candle is scientifically proven to be calming.

You can even take advantage of the different scents to transport yourself as you meditate. Our Eden candle, for example, can whisk you away to a walk in the woods, with the morning sunlight shining through dappled branches and leaves cracking underfoot. It’s not only good for the mind, but also good for the soul!

3. Light A Candle In Memory Of Someone

remembrance candle

It’s perhaps one of the oldest historical uses of candles, and still one of the most widely used across the globe today. It’s no surprise, when you think about it – candles are ideal for commemorating our loved ones. They’re quiet, respectful and beautiful, which goes some way to explaining how cross-cultural they are. They’re a big part in Mexico’s Day of the Dead, for example, which is a national celebration dedicated to remembering those no longer with us. In this context, candles are thought to provide a light to guide visiting spirits back to earth. Most religions view the light of candles in a similar way – they’re meant to symbolise the everlasting spirit, and bring light into darkness. When doing this at home, some people like to say a few words, too. But the beauty of a candle is that you don’t necessarily need to do that – you can let the light speak for itself.

However you plan to spend your alone time, you can count on us here at Melt to have a scented candle just for you! Why not visit us in our little shop on the farm right here in the Ribble Valley.

We’re always pleased to see you!