3 must-have candles for calm evenings in the garden

29 May 24
Candles on garden furniture

There’s nothing like a night in the garden. Star gazing, dining alfresco, huddling by a campfire with friends and family, chatting the night away – and now it’s finally all within reach! Now is the time to break out the garden furniture, hang up the fairy lights and pull the BBQ out of storage – and, of course, what better way to finish off setting the mood than with a luxury scented candle?

Scented candles make the perfect garden companions; the beautiful smell, the flicker of a dancing flame, and generally, just as a piece of decor, they look fantastic; they help set the scene, whatever the occasion. Whether you’re having a few friends over for a glass of wine, a BBQ or a night by the campfire watching the stars, there’s a scented candle to pair perfectly. We have an entire range of summer scents here at Melt, but we’ve whittled down our list to three candles we think are must-haves for a calm evening outdoors.

An evening under the stars with Shine

Could there be a more perfect scent for an evening stargazing than Shine? We don’t think so! This candle has everything you want in a summer scent: clean, fresh, and zesty. The blend of grapefruit and the subtle additions of bergamot, lemon, woody florals, rich amber and warm musks all swirl together to create an enchanting atmosphere perfect for relaxation under the constellations. The best thing about this candle is it’s not overpowering; it’s just right, and better still, it lasts beautifully! It’ll also help keep the pesky midges at bay so you can enjoy your night without distraction.

Experience uncomplicated Joy

When we close our eyes and think about a summer evening in the garden, it paints a picture of peace, happiness, and contentment. That’s why our next choice for a garden companion candle is, you guessed it – Joy! Another citrusy scent to add to the list (we’re starting to notice a theme). Joy is everything you love about summer melted down and poured into a candle. This floral scent is fresh, enthusiastic and uncomplicated, just like the quiet hum of a carefree summer’s evening in the garden. Slightly less punchy than her sister Shine, Joy is somewhat more complex, with a soft woodsy musk base over a rich floral heart of rose, lily and iris. Perfect for relaxing by the fire with a glass of wine.

A midsummer night’s Dance

Our bold beauty Dance may be packed full of hothouse flower scents like lily, jasmine, and gardenia, but don’t be fooled; she certainly packs a punch! If you’re having the girls over for a get-together in the garden, there’s no better pick than Dance! As soon as you lift the lid, you’ll be engulfed in soft, stunning feminine florals. This candle is confident but not ‘too much’, as it is a beautiful transition shade from a sparkling summer day to a serene summer night. With hints of juicy peach, blackcurrant, mandarin, sandalwood, and musk, this candle is a delightfully unapologetic addition to your space, providing a rich, luxurious scent that is perfect for those looking for a candle as bold and beautiful as their personality!

If you’re looking to make your garden smell divine this summer, we have everything you need right here on our website! We have an entire range of summery scents ready and waiting, so why not take a look? Or if you fancy popping down to our Shop On The Farm and taking in these scents in person, you can always be assured of a warm and smiley welcome – and with parking right outside the doors it means you can scamper in very quickly when it’s raining (which let’s be honest, even though it’s summer there’s still no guarantee of sunny weather!)