3 Intriguing Uses of Amber Essential Oil

27 March 18
amber essential oil

We love a bit of amber essential oil here at Melt. Its unique scent is famously hard to describe – a fascinating blend of sweet and smoky. If you know what to look for, you might recognise a note of it in our Shine, Hush or Saddle luxury handmade candles, just to name a few! It’s not just handmade candles though – amber essential oil has a huge range of uses. We’ve outlined a couple of them before in our amber ingredient focus, but since we just can’t help ourselves, we thought it was worth telling you about a few more!

Amongst the other uses for amber essential oil are:

  1. As an aphrodisiac
  2. To relieve pain
  3. To treat respiratory issues

So then – ready to hear all about them?


1. As An Aphrodisiac

According to some people, amber essential oil is brilliant for helping you to spice up your love life. Some believe that it triggers the release of hormones in the body, stimulating desire. Now, we should say right off the bat that science is a little choppy on this, so whether or not there’s a scientific basis is still open to question. Personally here at Melt we guess that, like so many other things, it comes down to a matter of personal experience!


We know one thing for certain though – when diffused or massaged into the skin (after careful dilution, of course), amber essential oil gives off a truly delightful aroma, and its storied history in perfumery hints at its alluringness. If nothing else, there’s a case to be made that even the act of massaging can get you in the right mood!

2. To Relieve Pain and Physical Stress

Amber essential oil is also said to have analgesic properties. Traditionally, it’s been used as a topical remedy to soothe aching muscles, eliminate spasms, and relieve inflammation. There’s a couple of ways you can apply it – you might want to use it topically to relieve local pain, or dilute it with carrier oil to make a soothing massage blend. Even if it’s only a placebo, as some have claimed, it certainly makes a very pleasant one!

3. For Your Respiratory System

cold and flu

A further, perhaps lesser-known use for amber essential oil is to treat a number of respiratory issues such as asthma or cold symptoms. One option is to massage a few drops of it into your chest for relief, although again we have to stress that the oil absolutely has to be diluted first. In its pure form, essential oil is so highly concentrated that it can actually burn your skin, so always make sure you dilute it!

Another option is to inhale its soothing vapours. For this, you’ll want to fill your sink or washing bowl with hot water, add a few drops, cover the back of your head and upper torso with a towel and then lean over the bowl and inhale the vapours deeply. Who knows, you might be surprised at how well it can work!

If you’d like to enjoy it without all that, of course, you can always take your pick from the wide variety of handmade luxury scented candles in stock here at our little shop on the farm – not least of all Nocturne and Angel, just to give you a taste! Why not pop into our little shop on the farm, and see what we’ve got on the shelves?